The Mysterious Element

  Water is a cosmic matter


"The sun, the moon and the entire cosmos relate to the earth through natural vibrations and communicate through the element of water" (Johann Grander) 

"Water is a cosmic matter", states Johann Grander and refers to the exact      dimension, in which the element water must be viewed in order to take further    steps to understand it better.

If one perceives water in its actual context - in a water glass, as a river, lake or sea, as a solid block of ice or gaseous cloud, one can, at most, recognize a small part.

We have to observe and question its function within the entire cosmos.

  • How was it created?
  • What role did it play in the creation and preservation of life?

The more intensively we deal with the topic of water, the more puzzling and secretive it seems.

Johann Grander spent many years trying to solve the mysteries surrounding water.

Based on his observations, water is a living system, that is in constant exchange with nature and its environment, and it is also capable of storing and transferring information.

This knowledge forms the foundation of water revitalisation.


All the GOOD FOOD you eat
CANNOT make up for
all the BAD WATER you drink