Grander Revitalising Board

Revitalises 3 Litre of Water / Liquid / Drinks
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  • Grander Revitalising Board Revitalises Water up to 3 Litres
  • Portable - ideal for travel.
  • Revitalise tea, cofee, juice, wine, vegetables, other foods and meat.
  • Keep Vegetables Fresh (see helpful hints)
  • No maintenance needed.
  • Use therapeutically on your body
  • 3 Month Guarantee
  • Add Eco Fluoride Jug
  • Measurements: H 170  W 170  D 15mm
  • Measurements in Box:  H 180   W 180    D 16mm


  • Place the glass of water, jug or bottle of liquid up to 3 litres on the Grander Revitalising Board for approx 40 minutes.      
  • Place vegetables and meat on plate on the Grander Revitalising Board for 30+ minutes
  • Place revitalised water in spray bottle and spray your body esp face, arms and legs after a shower.
  • Always keep Grander Revitalising Board dry and wipe any spilt liquid with a soft cloth if not in a protective box.



  • Try revitalising fruit juice, milk, wine, coffee, tea - you can even place a bowl of vegetables, fruit, meat or jelly on the Grander Revitalising Board.
  • Place a sealed 1 litre bottle of Grander Revitalised Water in your fridge next to your milk and in your vegetable crisper - how long does your milk and vegetables last now?
  • Where possible use filtered water with the Grander Revitalising Board. 
  • Wash fruit and vegetables in Grander Revitalised Water before cooking & eating
  • Use Revitalised Water in your cooking ie, jelly, cakes etc.
  • Use Grander Revitalising Board next to you as you sleep or under your feet watching tv.
  • Leave Grander Revitalising Board in product box and wrap with plastic wrap or place in plastic ziplock bag to protect it.


Grander Revitalising Board Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Grander Revitalising Board wear out: The Grander Revitalising Board has an indefinite life span as long as care instructions are followed. The Eco Jug is guranteed for a year. The filters in the jug need replacing every 6 months.
  • Can I use the Grander Revitalising Board Separately: Yes the Grander Revitalising Board can be used on a variety of liquids and food, refer to Grander Revitalising Board Features.
  • How long do I leave food the Grander Revitalising Board:



  • DO NOT immerse the Grander Revitalising Board in any type of water, ie boiling or freezing.  DO not subject to extreme temperatures ie place in fridge or freezer or direct sunlight. 
  • DO NOT place the Grander Revitalising Board in the WASHING MACHINE, DISHWASHER, IN or NEAR a MICROWAVE or any ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION or drop the Grander Revitalising Board.
  • ALWAYS wipe Grander Revitalising Board dry after use if not in a protective box.
  • The 3 month satisfaction guarantee can only be activated after 3 months of use.
  • Not adhering to instructions of use will null and void warranty.


 Grander Revitalising Board Video



">Watch Grander's affect on the skins hydration