Revitalises 3 Litres & Removes Fluoride
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Treats up to 3 Litres
Portable - ideal for travel.
Revitalise tea, cofee, juice, wine, & food.
User Friendly
No maintenance needed.
3 Month Guarantee
Glass Ecojug Removes Fluoride
Grander Revitalising Board revitalises water



  • Fill the Glass Ecojug with water from your kitchen tap.
  • Place the Ecojug on the Grander Revitalising Board for approximately 40 minutes to revitalise the water.
  • Use the Grander Revitalised Water from the Ecojug and top up from the kitchen tap as you need it.
  • Or you can Grander Revitalise Water and store in other containers.
  • Remember to wipe away any spilt liquid from the Grander Revitalising Board with a soft cloth. 


  • DO NOT immerse the Grander Revitalising Board & Ecojug in any type of water, ie boiling or freezing.  DO not subject to extreme temperatures ie place in fridge or freezer or direct sunlight. 
  • DO NOT place the Grander Revitalising Board & Ecojug in the WASHING MACHINE, DISHWASHER, IN or NEAR a MICROWAVE or any ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION.
  • ALWAYS wipe dry after use.

Not adhering to instructions of use will null and void warranty.


  • Try revitalising fruit juice, milk, wine, coffee, tea - you can even place a bowl of vegetables, fruit, meat or jelly on the board.
  • Place a sealed 1 litre bottle of Grander Revitalised Water in your fridge next to your milk and in your crisper - how long does your milk and vegetables last now?
  • Where possible use filtered water with the Grander Revitalising Board. 
  • Wash fruit and vegetables in Grander Revitalised Water before cooking & eating





  • Use Revitalised Water in your cooking ie, jelly, cakes etc.