Pool / Tank / Pond Dam Water Small System

Grander Water Pool, Spa, Tank or Pond, Dam Water Filter System
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Price: $ 899.00
  • Grander Water Pool System Revitalises Pool or Spa Water
  • Grander Water Tank System Revitalises Tank Water
  • Grander Water Filter System for Spas, Pools, Pond & Tanks
  • Treats up to 5000 Litres
  • Grander Dam Water Filter Systems
  • Do it Yourself Installation
  • Larger Sizes Available
  • Quick Installation
  • Maintenance Free
Working Temp : 1-95C
Weight: 500g
Measurements: H 150mm  D34mm
Material: GRANDER® Water Pool, Spa, Pond, Tank, Dam Systems are manufactured in durable high quality V2A stainless steel, which ensures a long life span under care conditions.
Guarantee / Warranty: 3 months money back guarantee, 5 years for material and manufacture.


Individual Grander System Specifications








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