Research & Development
  Research and International Exchange

   Water is a mysterious substance from a scientific perspective.  
   Despite 200 years of water research science hasn't managed to really
   "research" water.  
   In many areas water reacts differently from theory.  Globally many experiments
   and research are done on this topic.   New findings and experiences are made
   on a daily basis.


Even at GRANDER®.  In the area of research and development GRANDER®'s research company IPF works closely with
various international institutes, scientists and universities.  Therefore, GRANDER® is also a member of the group "Applied Water Physics" at the Dutch water research organisation WETSUS led by Dr. Elmar Fuchs (Water Bridge - Univerisity of Graz), and is always up-to-date on water research.
For many years now GRANDER® has maintained close contact and had a regular exchange with internationally known scientists and researchers.  Many of them have made the trip to Tyrol and visited GRANDER® to exchange knowledge with Johann Grander, his family and the research team.  Among them was Eshel Ben Jacob († June 2015) - former president
of the Israeli Physics Society and a leading physicist worldwide.
Close contact has been maintained between Grander and Prof. Gerald H. Pollack, Professor for Biotechnology at the
University of Washington (WU), Seattle.