GRANDER® Water Applications
GRANDER® everywhere water flows

The GRANDER® water revitalisation devices

  • only require energy from nature (solar energy)
  • don't need electricity
  • don't require chemical additives
  • are service and maintenance-free


The areas of application for the GRANDER® water revitalisation range from private households all the way to commercial and industrial uses.  The installation is done directly on the main water pipe.  Alternatively, there
are devices for single installations, apartments and for mobile use.
The revitalisation effect of GRANDER® water revitalisation devices is also guaranteed by irregular use, longer
periods of downtime, wide-ranging pipe systems or circulations and remains constant after several years of use.  
The effect has been confirmed by users globally for more than 20 years and the revitalisation effect is in no way decreased with more intensive use.


The GRANDER® water revitalisation devices

  • only require energy from nature (solar energy)
  • don't need electricity
  • don't require chemical additives
  • are service and maintenance-free
The GRANDER® water revitalisation devices are manufactured in durable high quality stainless steel, which
guarantees a long life span.


Revitalisation of drinking and industrial process water

  • adds to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle taste
  • is smooth and easy to drink
  • keeps for a long time
  • encourages the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • keeps food fresh longer
  • ensures the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents

Revitalisation of hot water

  • ensures clear water in the heating system
  • causes a decline in the tendency towards sedimentation and reduces susceptibility to pathogen growth
  • helps increase the flow rate inside radiators and floor heating pipes
  • lowers and stabilises corrosiveness
  • improves heat transfer


Revitalisation of swimming pools, spas and showers

  • provides a pleasant bathing experience through noticeably soft water
  • is pleasant and soothing on the eyes and skin
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • minimises the smell of chlorine
  • ensures the economical use of detergents
  • reduces the amount of cleaning


Revitalisation of ponds and biotopes

  • supports the natural self-cleaning process in pond water
  • restores and maintains the biological balance


Revitalisation of cooling circulation systems and process water

  • stabilises process water
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • minimises odour emissions
  • saves on resources and is sustainable!






The Principle of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation
Information transfer as the basis


The GRANDER® water revitalisation is based on the understanding of information transfer.

The core element of GRANDER® water revitalisation is water.  As "information water" is the described effective medium the GRANDER® water revitalisation devices deal with water from a higher inner order, produced according to thespecial knowledge of Johann Grander. 
This information water is capable of transferring a higher order to non-revitalized water without coming in contact with it.
The special characteristics of revitalized water are transferrable to any water.  The revitalisation is done by means of
the GRANDER® devices made of pure high-grade steel, which are filled with GRANDER® information water and are directly installed in the water lines or they are installed in the water taps.
The devices work without electricity, without chemical additives and do not require any service or maintenance.
The information transfer is done without direct contact.  An achievement that has gone around the world and has been used by many.
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Bathing & Showering
  • Household & Laundry
  • Gardens & Ponds
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Wellness & Swimming Pools
  • Animals & Agriculture
  • Commerical & Food Manufacturing
  • Industry
Building the original order in the structure of water
Johann Grander’s water revitalisation rebuilds the original stability and order of water. In this way, it can regenerate
itself and it regains its full potency and vitality.
GRANDER water revitalisation is based on the ”principle of information transfer“, which means water can transfer information to other water without direct contact.
Water does not forget anything – water has a memory.
Water possesses an immune system that may serve as a feature protecting against polluted, external influences.
The inner structure of water is responsible for the quality of the immune system.
The stronger the inner structure, the more resistant is the water. Water revitalised through GRANDER remains structurally stable and, hence, resistent to external influences.
The ordered, stable, inner structure of water.
By improving the water structure, Johann Grander was able to create a new, healthy environment for valuable microorganisms, which should be present in healthy water.
In order to recognise the actual ”water health police“, it was necessary to work under the microscope with a very high amount of decomposition.
The microorganisms in one single drop are extremely multifaceted and carry out important tasks in relation to water’s self-purification. The basic prerequisite for this is an ordered and stable inner structure.





Johann Grander
Naturalist and visionary
 "I was led to water and that’s why I am so grateful that the discovery
of water revitalisation was allowed to succeed." (Johann Grander)
Johann Grander is discovered water revitalisation. He was neither a scholar nor a scientist, but rather a simple, modest man, who grew
up in the Tyrolean mountains, started a family and worked very hard.  
At the age of 49 he gave up his job to follow his calling and to dedicate himself to his experiments.

They soon led him to the topic that changed his entire life and that of his family's as well, namely: Water.
Today the revitalized "GRANDER® Water" accompanies hundreds of thousands for users around the globe and they wouldn't want to do without it.
The GRANDER® water revitalisation is successfully implemented in many areas around the world - from households,
to swimming pools, ponds, hotels, wellness and agricultural uses as well as in industry plants.
Johann Grander coined a new understanding of water more than 30 years ago, which is followed by millions of people today:


Johann Granders Honours and Awards

Johann Grander has been presented with awards and honored for his service and life work.

As the first and only Austrian, Johann Grander was awarded  the Silver Honorary Award by the Russian Academy
of Natural Science, whose members include 200 Nobel Prize winners.  Numerous well-known and respected scientific institutes have intensively studied the GRANDER® water revitalisation for several years and have come to the conclusion:

By means of the GRANDER® method it is possible to strengthen the energy and information properties of the water and thereby make the water biologically more valuable.  Johann Grander's discovery demands further development

from science and ecology through the new knowledge about the structure of water and is of great importance for science.

In Austria Johann Grander was recognized for his life work - the discovery of the water revitalisation process - with the "Honorary Cross for Science and Art" of the Republic Austria.


What is GRANDER® Water?
Water having a high, stable and biologically value quality
Water possesses an immune system. The basic idea behind the method proposed by Johann Grander is to strengthen the self-cleansing effect and resistance of water by improving its structure.
This creates a natural and stable immune system.
The GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is based on the understanding of information transfer.
The core element of GRANDER® water revitalisation is water. The active medium known as “information water” in the GRANDER® water revitalisation devices consists of water with a high internal order and stability – made according to the special process and knowledge of Johann Grander.

Through its high internal order this information water is able to transfer natural information and vibrations even to non-revitalized water without ever coming in contact with it. In this way, water is naturally stabilized and biologically improved.

Johann Grander’s goal was to make the properties of revitalised water – with all its positive effects for humans, animals and plants – transferrable to all water. It should be available for all those who drink it and use it in their everyday lives.

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Devices work solely with natural energy, not requiring any electricity or other additives. The devices are maintenance and service-free. They are either installed directly in the main water supply, to the tap or hung in the sink or container. A discovery that has gone global and is implemented by many today. 

GRANDER® revitalized water is characterized by:

  • adding to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle, good taste
  • keeping fresh longer
  • promoting a pleasant, gentle feeling for skin and hair while bathing and showering
  • encouraging the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • is preferred by many animals instinctively
  • giving food an exquisite, fresh and more intense taste while keeping it fresh longer
  • protecting the heating system through cleaner heating water
  • ensuring the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents
  • is revitalised and strengthened when returned to nature

The effect of the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Devices remains constant even during downtimes and after several years of use!








  Research & Development
  Research and International Exchange

   Water is a mysterious substance from a scientific perspective.  
   Despite 200 years of water research science hasn't managed to really
   "research" water.  
   In many areas water reacts differently from theory.  Globally many experiments
   and research are done on this topic.   New findings and experiences are made
   on a daily basis.


Even at GRANDER®.  In the area of research and development GRANDER®'s research company IPF works closely with
various international institutes, scientists and universities.  Therefore, GRANDER® is also a member of the group "Applied Water Physics" at the Dutch water research organisation WETSUS led by Dr. Elmar Fuchs (Water Bridge - Univerisity of Graz), and is always up-to-date on water research.
For many years now GRANDER® has maintained close contact and had a regular exchange with internationally known scientists and researchers.  Many of them have made the trip to Tyrol and visited GRANDER® to exchange knowledge with Johann Grander, his family and the research team.  Among them was Eshel Ben Jacob († June 2015) - former president
of the Israeli Physics Society and a leading physicist worldwide.
Close contact has been maintained between Grander and Prof. Gerald H. Pollack, Professor for Biotechnology at the
University of Washington (WU), Seattle.